About Us

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The Need

A new era of sustainability is rising, and it’s touching every corner of the world. The forces of change driving this megatrend: the environmental challenges, impacting people around the world, the growing visible effects of pollution, and how governments and corporations are responding. The result: sustainability initiatives are becoming more needed than ever. Looking for a better lifestyle, consumers are searching for healthier and better options while simultaneously protecting the planet. 

The Solution

GreenWave brings sustainable small businesses and conscious customers together to create a place emphasizing environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices, presenting innovative ideas, and increasing attention by leveraging this platform. Being part of this platform, small businesses can increase their reach and find new customers or discover new collaboration opportunities.  As sustainability has its price and it is hard to compete against the bigger companies and their cost-leadership position, GreenWave created a unique platform to bring together those companies and leverage their reach. Through this network, finding partners for collaborations, consumers and investors for financial support is being simplified. People who want to live a mindful and conscious life can find and share everything regarding sustainability here.

Our Mission

Doing well while doing good! We believe that sustainability can and should be brought to the mainstream. We aim to collaborate with small businesses which manifest that sustainability is not only good for the planet, but also good for you. We made it our mission to make sustainability profitable for all! We at GreenWave envision to make a noticeable impact in nowadays society. Not only do we want to raise awareness for environmental- friendly lifestyle choices, we also want to increase the visibility of small sustainable companies.  Our vision is a society that sees sustainability not as a new approach or complicated lifestyle concept, but as an integrated market that is a focal point for their day-to-day  consumption.

The Team

Julia Dartmann


Luisa Rivas


Laura Tafur Vidal


Janice Klaiber