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100% Natural Beauty Products: KiteNest

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

#CompanySpotlight Plastic free Haircare, Skincare and Bathroom Products handcrafted in Lincolnshire, UK.



Zero-waste products which are never tested on animals. The team is making products which are not only eco-friendly, but also affordable and naturally virtuous.

In addition, the company is also focusing on sustainable packaging: it is 100% plastic free and FSC certified. Even the gift cards are printed on wildflower seed cards.

We asked the team: What is your motivation behind KiteNest?

"We want people to feel great about themselves. We know that life is stressful, demanding and full of highs and lows. This madness all takes its toll on our mental and physical health. We like making products that give your skin a deep cleanse, your mind a soothing break, your senses a zesty uplift, keeps your hair shiny and strong. We know that when we look after ourselves properly, we feel good about ourselves. 

We want people to know they aren’t harming the planet. We hear so much dreadful news about the climate crisis and disappearing wildlife and habitats. It’s getting harder and harder to do anything without creating bad consequences on our planet. We want our customers to feel reassured that we’ve done everything we can to help protect the planet, providing them with inspiring sustainable solutions - from zero-waste packaging to wildflower seed cards."

What also convinced us is that the company attaches great importance to informing the customer of sustainability. Likewise, they do not hold back from talking about what is important, topics such as mental health, homelessness or problems with the use of plastic.

We are impressed by KitenNest, their motivation and their unique business. But we were still wondering: what is the future goal with the company?

"To continue working hard to become 100% vegan. To continue diversifying our products giving people more exciting choices and freedom to buy the things they love knowing that their environmental and health benefits of the product have already been taken care of for them. To build up a fantastic community of support to stop and relish in the smallest things in life: one another, nature and positive mental wellbeing. "

We love the team and the company. Take a look at their website and their Social Media to be inspired by their great products!


The GreenWave Team

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