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5 essential pieces for your capsule closet

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Slow fashion is a trend we love to see. For a long time, the fashion industry has been dominated by the idea that it is necessary to buy a variety of clothing every season, without considering the consequences. With an increasing focus on environmental as well as ethical problems connected to fast fashion, people are becoming more mindful about what they buy. And one trend which you might have come across a couple times is the capsule closet.

What is a capsule closet?

The idea of a capsule closet is that you have a number of clothes which you can wear every season. This collection just needs to be complemented by a few other pieces here and there, however: your core closet is something you can combine in multiple ways. Personally, I don’t think that there is one perfect range of products, as everyone has a different style.

However, there are definitely some pieces which are a good idea to have and can always be matched with whatever you feel like buying.

My capsule closet recommendations:


I assume that Knitwear is one of the capsule clothing pieces which depend on what kind of style you have. Personally, I enjoy knitwear as something I can wear at home at weekends, but can also combine with a sweater in the winter or a basic t shirt in the summer. Personally, I love these sets from nu-in. Made from a 100% recycled material, the shorts and the matching top is great to wear under jackets and sweaters, but also in the summer when you are just looking for something comfortable to dress in.

White blouse

For a long time, the white blouse was a classic "office" clothing piece, but over time it has evolved into a complementary product that can be worn for almost any occasion. Under knit vests, over leather leggings or as a dress combined with boots: the white blouse is a great addition to your capsule closet.

Here two versions, a long as well as a short blouse, from Arket.

Denim Jeans

I don’t think it is very surprising that denim jeans find a place in a capsule closet. My personal favorite is the classic Levi’s Jeans: not only is Levi’s doing a fantastic job in their quality, the brand is also paying a lot of attention to sustainability. If you look at how long the jeans last, I also believe that the price is quite reasonable.


A sweater is a classic clothing piece which can be combined in every season. No matter if you want to wear it with a blouse and a pair of black jeans to the office or just casually throughout the day. Especially one colored clothes always have a high probability to last a little longer in your closet and to match other clothes you’ll add throughout the season.

I personally love the sweaters and hoodies from Weekday, as those have a comfortable, sustainable material and are offered for a fair price.


The time that the blazer is seen only as an office garment is over, similar to the white blouse. Many people have already discovered the blouse as a streetwear jacket, combined with biker shorts, mum jeans or combined with a tracksuit.

Especially this summer, oversized blazers in pastel colors are becoming a big trend. Wearing it with matching pants or shorts - definitely a good product to find in your closet!

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