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Activewear: dasFlow

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Eco-friendly activewear that can be customized for your perfect fit!

A socially and ecologically conscientious clothing line, bringing together people and nature. One of the biggest factors that shaped theFlow is probably the adventurous spirit of the founder, Nick. His many travels have taken him to Brazil, among other places. Although he should enjoy the beautiful beach, since you don't always have the opportunity to be by the sea, he was more concerned about his personal belongings in case he went into the water. The resulting idea: a tank top with pockets. Because: who steals a tank top on the beach? As a result, the idea has evolved and become a brand that is comfortable, practical and durable. As Nick points out:

"I want the words comfort and convenience to be synonymous with my brand, because they represent dasFlow’s definition very well."

With several collections, dasFlow is offering a diverse range of products, no matter if Leggings, Sports Bras, Shirts or Bikinis. We love that dasFLow is also offering options to personalize products. Many companies or organizations want customized apparel - so why not making that eco friendly? An example is the Rollins Collection, which is representing the key elements perfectly:

The sustainability Factor

dasFlow is against almost fashion and tries to counter it with its own production. Through a dyeing technique called dye sublimation, dasFlow prevents chemicals from entering the water and thus our ecosystem. In addition, dasFlow attaches importance to continuous improvement and therefore uses for some collections PES ECCO, which is made from plastic. Furthermore, the fabric is carbon neutral which means that emissions are reduced by 70%.

You want to shop their awesome products? Click here:




GreenWave Team

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