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Swimwear: Hülya Swim

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

#CompanySpotlight Cleaning the Ocean, one Bikini at a time!

Hülya Swim is one of the many companies that have joined the #GreenWave community. The reason? The swimwear brand is doing everything possible to step up for our environment, not only by selling #bikinis from sustainable and #recycled materials, but also by cooperating with other organizations and actively raising awareness about environmental protectionism.

The word "Hülya" is Turkish word that stands for #daydream. And - not surprising - the company is definitely getting closer and closer to this dream: The brand was only founded in 2019 by Christina Firestone and Hannah Patten but is already attracting a lot of attention in the media. If you want to take a closer look at how the company is portrayed in the #press, take a look here! With numerous articles, television appearances, and about 5,000 followers on Instagram, Hülya is an already established, #sustainable startup that meets with nothing but enthusiasm and amazement.

The two young founders are not only motivated to create a successful company but also have a real #passion for the environment and especially the ocean. While fulfilling this dream, they are actively involved in the circle of environmentally #conscious and young entrepreneurs who are committed to a more sustainable world. As Hannah Patten, confounder, says:

What inspires me? I am inspired by the motivation other people have to take a stand for our planet. I think it is actually beautiful and amazing that so many people are trying to become a voice for the planet, I find it really inspiring watching other people stand up for what they believe in and if they can do it what is stoping me from doing it?

What convinced us about Hülya is that the company not only tries to sell sustainable products but also gives a feeling of how important the ocean is for our ecosystem. On many pictures on social media, you can see the #Hülya Babes together with sea animals who seem anything but scared of #humans. This shows that "togetherness" is the main goal. Hülya is the perfect example of a company that has set itself the goal to inspire people to perceive their environment.

The company's no waste concept is also innovative: scrunchies and bags are produced by post-consumer materials. These are the perfect complement to the 3 collections: Earth Collection, Barrier Collection, and Back 2 Basics Collection. We have tried the bikinis ourselves, worn them, and we are totally in love with Hülya! Just have a look at the website and be inspired by the sustainable company.


The GreenWave Team

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