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Designed by Swedish Dentists: Sustainable Health

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

#CompanySpotlight "A small revolution in personal care products"



No matter if it's a bamboo toothbrush, vegan and cruelty free toothpaste or chewing gum made out of natural ingredients: The Humble Co, founded in 2013, is an innovative company that sells its products in more than 40,000 stores and dental clinics. The company focuses on eco-friendly, socially responsible products without compromising quality and performance.

One of the problems The Humble Co is facing is the use of plastic in dental care products. Most people don't know, that even chewing gum contains plastic. Therefore, The Humble Co makes it their business to find sustainable substitutes for the products that contain plastic: better for people, better for the planet. The products are FDA approved and certified organic, which highlights how much value the company places on quality and transparency.

Even better: it is possible to buy products by subscription. Do you have the feeling that you need a new toothbrush every 2 months? Every 3 months? At The Humble Co you can order the product you want in advance so that it is delivered regularly and you have one less thing on your to-do list. The subscription is available for individuals as well as in the form of family packages.

And if that's not enough, the company is working with The Humble Smile Foundation. Directly through your purchase, projects are carried out in countries where people do not have proper oral health. Far away clinics bring not only unhealthy teeth, but also psychological and physical maldevelopment. Through the Foundation, the children are also taught general hygiene measures.

"We are committed to the core values outlined by the Coalition for Responsible Short-term Global Health Experiences"

In summary: a company that values sustainable alternatives for consumers, lends a hand to people in need, and places incredible value on education about oral care. We are happy to have this great company on board!


The GreenWave Team

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