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Fashion: Gung Ho London

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

#WearYourHeartOnYourSleeve - Sustainable fashion, without compromising on taste

Gung Ho is a London-based ethical and sustainable fashion brand, founded by Sophie Dunster. Starting out, she wanted to become a political artist but after discovering a world of silk screen printing when studying in Brighton, Sophie realised her drawings could become a walking ‘talking point’. This way, it wasn’t a piece of artwork hanging on a wall for a limited amount of people to see, it became someone’s first impression of you - and fashion shouldn’t just make you look good, but showcase your values too.

And that’s when the idea for Gung Ho was born.

How GungHo creates Sustainable fashion, without compromising on taste

Gung Ho is convinced that the best design can be sustainable too. From working with natural & sustainable fabrics right through to our corozo nut buttons, they do the research to make sure they are making as little impact as we can. Moreover, Gung Ho doesn’t believe in or follow the usual fashion seasons. Their garments are designed to be adjustable and made for life meaning that if you lose or gain a bit of weight, you still look and feel great. Neither does Gung Ho utilize tons of unnecessary packaging or mass manufacture thousands of low-quality garments for them to be worn a handful of times.

“Stylishly start conversations & inspire change through your wardrobe.” - Gung Ho

Additionally, 10% of Gung Ho’s profits are donated to a selected charity that works with the issue represented in the collection, so you can not only look good, but do good too.

What’s next for GungHo?

Each year GungHo picks a different issue that needs attention; from Plastic Oceans and Precious Insects, and Food for Thought. This year it's the mother of all issues, Climate Change. All of these issues are explored within the print design of our garments, or through embroidery in the case of our statement sweatshirts. Each design has a hidden message within the print to spark up a conversation about the topic in hand. That way, the next time someone compliments you on what you're wearing you'll have a little more to say than just 'thanks'. You can now shop the full collection at our LDC x Gung Ho shop on 59 Great Portland Street, London.

Gung Ho's new Climate Change Collection is here.

How to find Gung Ho?

The world is waking up to the changes we need to make for future generations and our planet; Gung Ho aims to be a leader in this movement. It is unrealistic to tell people they can’t buy anything new ever again, but Gung Ho wants to make people more considerate of what it is they’re buying and the negative effect it might be having. We are delighted to have such talented changemakers in our community.

Cheers to that!


The GreenWave Team

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