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Impact Investing - What we could accomplish with socially responsible investments


What is impact investing?

Invest in Areas That Have Positive Impacts on the Environment and Society. Impact investing refers to an investment strategy that not only generates financial returns but also creates constructive outcomes. The strategy actively seeks to make a positive impact by investing, for example, in nonprofits that benefit the community or in clean-technology enterprises that benefit the environment

Why is impact investing important?

Impact investing seeks to support organizations that will create social and environmental benefits, in addition to generating financial returns. Impact investors want their money to make a difference for employees, clients, and other groups in society — while creating financial value.

Further Ressources: 

  • Read more about impact Investing: Impact by Sir Ronald

  • Short Overview of Impact Investing and a Guide to socially responsible investing here

  • If you want to gain an in-depth understanding of the social and environmental pressures facing the current financial system, and explore how sustainable finance strategies can create long-term value for business and society here is a 10-week online course from Cambridge University


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