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Meet Canussa - Designed with purpose.

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Practical and Durable...

This is what comes to mind when you think of the Spanish vegan leather hand bag brand, founded by Maria Cano, Canussa. They offer a wide selection of products and styles including handbags, backpacks, belts, wallets and sneakers. The brand often promotes the ethos behind their work in their marketing with the message “designed with purpose” and shares its mission to create stylish, fictional and long-lasting fashion made to “respect and connect people, the planet and the animals”. The inspiration to incorporate all these elements has come from Maria’s own experiences, being a working woman, always on- the- go she battled to find what she wanted in an everyday accessory. She needed something fit for travel, that could also hold a laptop and of course that looked good too. As a conscious consumer she also looked for was something made out of durable and ethically sourced martials, fit for buyers who prioritize sustainable products.

How Canussa takes vegan leather a step further within the fashion industry

Canussa’s has an all-encompassing range of products geared toward a future of sustainable leather.Canussa’s pieces aim to connect their wearer to the planet, since they are fashioned from recycled and fully traceable materials that cause minimal environmental harm. They are proud to be able to call themselves a sustainable brand and are aware of the Greenwashing that occurs in the industry. At Canussa everyoperation involved in crafting their timeless pieces shares the consistent ethical and environmental values and policies that they do.

What is next for Canussa? Canussa has expressed that it aims to be “100% circular”, and are currently working toward becoming a triple bottom line business. Although they practice reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, they are still conscious of the CO2 they do create and have worked to build tree planting incentives to offset and compensate where they can. A big focused is big placed on continuing to use the best martials to be resistant “to us resistance is very important because if a product is not durable, it cannot be sustainable and will generate much more waste in the course of time.”

"Practical and durable fashion for those people who respect life"

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XOXO - the GreenWave Team

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