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Our Journey

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle and making it a profession

Founding a company is not easy. Neither is adopting a lifestyle which requires you to reconsider previous thoughts, opinions and behaviors. Documenting our initial thoughts and the process of changing to this sustainable lifestyle is something we do not only like to share, but also document for ourselves: one day we can read through these pages and reflect how this turnaround has had an impact on our life.

The Plan

The “opinion” section of our blog is meant to be a journal which honestly reflects our highs and lows, our achievements and failures as well as what we appreciate and what we might dislike. Articles under this section can be long as well as short and can just point out something that happened to us today, it can also be an insight which we feel like sharing.

We will share updates on social media and would love to hear what people think about our thoughts - no matter if positive or negative.

Where we start

I think the main goal is showing people that we have not always believed in a sustainable lifestyle the way we do now and have not always lived that way. However, during the last year, we realized how this lifestyle does not only have something to do with avoiding plastic - we realized how it can also mean to be more mindful, to take care of yourself and to realistically reflect yourself as well as your environment. Furthermore, we believe that there are several misunderstandings when people hear “sustainable lifestyle”. Either they think it’s something unachievable or they consider it being something which requires you to turn your entire life upside down. Personally, I learned that it is about making small steps, which at some point become a habit. For example - I don’t think there’s a point in feeling bad for taking a plane to fly to a vacation destination if there is no other way to get there. However, there is no point in carrying home numerous amounts of plastic bags from the grocery store 3 days a week, when you could just bring your own bags. Anyways - a sustainable lifestyle goes so much further than what products you use. And that’s why we’re here: documenting our journey!

Status quo

It’s been about one year since we started GreenWave Solution. So far, I feel like all of us have adopted more and more to the idea of living environmentally friendly. Personally, I have especially been invested in organic skin care products and eco-friendly fashion. Dealing with circular economies for my bachelor thesis has definitely contributed a lot to me being more critical about how certain businesses are operating. In many aspects this has also been pushed by doing a lot of research about disadvantages of conventional products - I mean, if you really think about it: do you feel 100% comfortable using creams which have ingredients that you can barely pronounce?

Either way, I got the feeling that I can do better in many ways - no matter if it is beauty, fashion or lifestyle products, I simply started focusing on quality over quantity. And let’s be honest (this is probably my first takeaway) most sustainable brands definitely put more effort into transparency, quality production and ethical operations.

So - this is where we start. I am super excited to see where this journal takes us and to document the process we make. We will try to keep it short so it is something which you do not have to invest a lot of time in. Stay tuned! ❤︎

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