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Skincare meets Upcycling: C!RCLY

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

#CompanySpotlight Skincare loved by nature: innovativ vegan skincare, cruelty free and from Germany.


Founded in September 2019, Munich (GER)



Would it not be amazing to do something good for your skin and for the planet at the same time - #WeCan! C!RCLY, founded in September 2019 by Max Munz and Olli Kremer in Munich (Germany), presents us with skincare which "takes natural cosmetics one step further"!

Quote: "C!RCLY is the skin care brand that's good for you and the environment. With C!RCLY, yes, you read that right with ! we combine skincare and upcycled ingredients to give you what your skin really needs”

- Max and Olli from C!RCLY-

How C!CRLY takes natural cosmetics one step further...

C!RCLY's products are not only 100% plant-based, cruelty-free, and produced without any artificial ingredients, but C!RCLY is also using upcycling  to produce high-quality natural cosmetics. Valuable residues from the beverage industry, such as coffee grounds or fruit peels which are otherwise thrown away, are utilized to create products that are not only good for your skin, but are also good for the planet. C!RCLY's also works on environmentally friendly and compostable packaging solutions to avoid unnecessary packaging wherever possible. For example, our lip care stick with oil from recycled coffee grounds does not use any plastic at all. Even the packaging can be composted.  

“We strive to be as natural as possible in our ingredients”

What’s next for C!CRLY?

We asked the founders, Max and Olli, how they envision C!RCLY’s role in the (natural)cosmetics market: “We want to establish C!RCLY in the market as a natural cosmetics brand that offers upcycled products as a great and high-quality alternative to existing skin care products”.

We are sure natural and upcycled skin-care has the potential to conquer the cosmetic-world. Who does not want to do something wonderful for their skin and the planet at the same time! We love that - and are sure you will be too!


The GreenWave Team

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