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smol: High performance and eco-friendly cleaning products

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

#CompanySpotlight: Where little things make a big difference




There is simply no getting around certain products in the household: no matter whether laundry has to be washed or dishes washed. So why not start with these little things when it comes to sustainability? That's what smol asked itself, which is why they now offer eco-friendly and incredibly efficient cleaning products.

The products that smol has developed are much more sustainable than the traditional ones and are therefore a great alternative. The company also places great emphasis on sustainability in its packaging:

"Our laundry capsules and dishwash tablets come in 100% plastic-free packaging from FSC approved sources which is fully recyclable or compostable. We believe this is a first for a household cleaning brand. Our wonderful new fabcon bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic which means no virgin plastic is required - we only use what is already in circulation. We wanted to then take that one step further to close the loop and offer a return and refill scheme for our fabcon bottles. Customers can return their empty bottles to us for refill and we'll donate a pack of laundry capsules to charity each time they do. They can also recycle the bottles if they wish."

By doing that and the overall sustainable technology, the company made a huge step towards a greener future:

"It felt SO good to ditch the plastic on them forever and we're now saving landfill and the waste system from around 5 tons of plastic every week. Launching our gorgeous fabric conditioner that didn't use the fat harvested from animal carcasses comes a close second. It's the main ingredient in most fabric softeners as it's so cheap. We knew we could do better and we did!"

But what makes the product itself sustainable? The company has found a way to use fewer chemicals and thus develop an effectively concentrated product that also performs better than many conventional products. Many people now certainly think that this also has its price. It does - but smol has decided to deliver directly to the consumer rather than through middlemen, saving up to 50% of the normal price.

All products are also available on a subscription basis after a "test" purchase. Depending on how much you wash or how many products you need, new products will be delivered. The packaging is designed so that the products fit easily through any letterbox.

We asked the smol team, where they see smol in the future:

"As an independent UK business we're wholeheartedly committed to maintaining real and invested relationships with our customers and to staying in touch with their needs. We intend to offer a whole range of exciting eco-friendly and cruelty-free household cleaning solutions that don’t cost our customers the earth and deliver powerful cleaning performance."

We cannot wait to see what is coming. smol is the perfect example that sustainability does not have to be expensive and hard to get. So if you are thinking about how you can bring a little more sustainability into your life, why don't you just start at home?


GreenWave Team

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