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Sustainable Soap Products from Brooklyn, NY

#CompanySpotlight Eco-friendly and plastic free Soaps for every skin type.



No matter if you are looking for a moisturizing, anti-aging or oil reducing product: the Butter + Lye soaps are available in different kinds and forms. Monique, the founder of Butter + Lye is producing the soaps herself and spend over a year to develop a formula that is good for the skin and is using chemical free ingredients.

So, what makes the soaps from Butter + Lye so unique?

The company is very clear on the commitments that come with the products:

  1. The ingredients are naturally-sourced and derived

  2. 100% vegan

  3. The soaps come in sustainable packaging

  4. Return is available (minus shipping)

  5. No animal testing


The GreenWave Team

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