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Sustainably Crafted Self-Care: Klei

#CompanySpotlight : Klei, reinventing self-care while also caring for our planet.


Located in Gowanus, Brooklyn



"I think our focus on specific sustainable practices - being water-free, low-waste, biodegradable - makes us unique."

- Valerie Smith| Founder, CEO

Klei is helping us rethink personal care while also helping us care for communities and the earth. Maintenance of our own emotional and physical wellness is essential to refuel and retained a well-balanced life. Klei has been working to not only provide relief to its customers but also work toward helping those on the front line of the COVID -19 pandemic.

I encourage you to learn more about what they are doing in collaboration with Mask2Mask, an NYC nonprofit on their site.

The team at Klei is motivated by helping others have access to affordable and accessible self-care that is consciously made. They so enjoy giving back to their local community donating 10% of its profits to three of its local Brooklyn organizations. Get ready to kick start your self- care journey with Klei, and also share the love with a friend with their gift sets, linked on the picture below.


GreenWave Team

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